Meet Principal Partner Dan Brown

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Transcript: Dan Brown here again and guess what? I’ve been asked to give a biography of myself. It’s kind of weird talking about yourself, but here goes! Alright, I grew up in Spanish Lake, went to Twillman Elementary School, then I went to Kirby Junior High for two years. Then I went to Hazelwood East High School - and after graduating from Hazelwood East High School, I went to University of Missouri, Columbia and my degree was in Computer Science. So, after four years, I was, you know, being a software programmer.

So anyway, so I say, "Well, I’ve got to do something different," and my brother, Ed, had just graduated law school, so I said, "Well, what the heck? If he can do it, I can do it."

I was a prosecuting attorney. My first job was a prosecuting attorney with the city of Chicago. And then I started my own practice and came back to St. Louis, joined my brother, Ed, in 1993. Since then, we’ve been together and we’ve just slowly built the law firm.

If you come aboard with us with a case, you’re going to find out: we’re never too big to have a sincere desire to help you. And that’s really what we do. If you have a sincere desire to help people, then afterwards, everybody is happy. That’s our number one concern, everybody being happy. We’re not afraid to try cases. A lot of people say, "Well, I don't want to go to trial." Well, sometimes you have to. If the insurance company is jerking you around, what option do you have?

Call us for free. I mean, our phone number is pretty easy, 314-333-3333 or in Illinois, 618-888-8888. Or visit our website at That’s And always remember, if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you.