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Suffering from broken bones and internal injuries not only causes a intense physical pain, but it can also cause them to suffer from some emotional and financial devastation. The injured person will likely be unable to do some of the things he could before, including going to work and earning a living (either for the short or long term).

While more minor cases of broken bones and internal injuries may require minimal medical treatment, what’s more common are moderate to severe cases that typically require some combination of:

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  • One or more invasive surgeries
  • Pins, screws or plates being implanted in the injured person
  • Use of a cast, boot or other medical device for weeks or months
  • Intensive physical therapy to regain the strength and mobility of the injured area of the body

In the event that these injuries are caused by another person’s negligence or recklessness, the injured person:

  • Will likely have a personal injury claim against the negligent party
  • Can secure compensation for his or her injuries and losses by following through with a personal injury lawsuit
  • Should consult with the trusted injury lawyers at Brown & Brown Attorneys at Law to learn more about their legal rights and entitlements.

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Patient Testimonial

"I was in an automobile accident in May of 2019. It caused me catastrophic injuries, knowing that I needed an excellent lawyer my brother called the law office of Brown & Brown, Dan Brown came to the hospital himself to talk to me about my case and to let me know they had my back. He assigned Sean Hazlett to my case and I couldn't have asked for anyone better. He was very knowledgeable and patient to help explain things so I could understand them. They got me the settlement I deserved and in a timely manner. I would recommend anyone that needs a great injury and accident attorney to call them!!"

- C.M.

Causes of Broken Bones and Internal Injuries

Some of the specific causes of broken bones and internal injuries that can involve the negligence of another person or party include (but are not limited to):

Start building your personal injury case by speaking to an attorney at Brown & Brown today. You might be eligible for compensation covering medical expenses, pain and suffering and more.

Client Testimonial

"I want to say how much the law firm of Brown & Brown has meant to me and my family. They’ve done so much and have been there in every situation that has occurred and we needed an attorney. My daughter and I were in an auto accident. After the accident, I was unable to drive because I was on medication. I needed someone to give me advice; they came to our house and got all the information that was needed. They put my mind at ease. I felt secure knowing they were going to take care of the situation and I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t have to be concerned about the outcome. Brown & Brown were also there for me when I fell at work; I didn’t have to worry about any kind of bills. They are our family attorneys, we just have to pick up the phone – the number is on our refrigerator. We can always count on Brown & Brown."

- Annette L.

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