Reviews & Testimonials

Injury and Accident Attorneys Serving St. Louis, Nearby Missouri, and Nearby Illinois

"From day 1 everyone I spoke with was so courteous and nice, not to mention patient. I appreciate the great quality of care and service . Thanks Brown & Brown ❤️"
"A definite 5 star rating. Quick response, a very good caring attitude towards my injury, and a great feeling of confidence and trust in the first meeting at my residence."
-Claude S.
"Brown and Brown attorney Ely was the best. He handled my case perfectly. I would recommend them to anyone."
-Antoinette Pittman
"I was on my way to work one day and running a little bit behind. I happened to be going 10 miles or so over the speed limit and was pulled over by a St. Louis County police officer; he gave me a ticket for speeding. I was worried, I called Brown & Brown and they took care of my ticket for me. No worries, no record, no points on my license. My insurance rates are the same; that’s what I was worried about the most. Brown & Brown took care of it all for me."
-Lacey G.
"I want to say how much the law firm of Brown & Brown has meant to me and my family. They’ve done so much and have been there in every situation that has occurred and we needed an attorney. My daughter and I were in an auto accident. After the accident, I was unable to drive because I was on medication. I needed someone to give me advice; they came to our house and got all the information that was needed. They put my mind at ease. I felt secure knowing they were going to take care of the situation and I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t have to be concerned about the outcome. Brown & Brown were also there for me when I fell at work; I didn’t have to worry about any kind of bills. They are our family attorneys, we just have to pick up the phone – the number is on our refrigerator. We can always count on Brown & Brown."
-Annette L.
"I was a student at University of Missouri. I was a good student – had a 4.0 GPA – one day I was in the bookstore and got into an altercation with another gentleman. I’m a Bosnian and have an accent; I also have a United States Marine Corps tattoo. He saw the tattoo and heard my accent and assumed I am not an American. We got into an argument, went outside and got into a fight. I got charged with assault and I believe it was because I am Bosnian. A friend of mine recommended Brown & Brown, I was in jail the first time I met Ed Brown. He gave me confidence and when I saw him come into the courtroom, the prosecutor was intimidated. You should have seen what he did to the other witness, he made him look like a fool. He knew exactly what questions to ask to get the case dismissed. They got my life back together for me, I have no record, like nothing ever happened. They made everything go away."
-Dennis G.
"In 1989, I was working for Enterprise Rent-a-Car and we used to get in trouble for speeding. But Ed was my attorney and he really helped us out. He did everything on-point, we had no suspension, nothing on our record. H just took care of us and has been doing so since 1989. Anybody that I know at my current job, if they have speeding tickets and need help, I immediately spit out his number and say ‘You gotta call this guy, he will take care of you.’ Ed has been my lawyer for a long time, let him be yours."
-Jackie H.
"I was involved in an accident. I called Brown & Brown because I was worried about if I could handle the situation. They instructed me on the right things to do; they took care of everything. I was paid, the bills were paid, and my car was fixed. I recommend Brown & Brown to anyone."
-Michael D.