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Neck and back injuries are the most common reason that people miss work, and they are the second most common reason that people visit doctors, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One of the primary reasons that neck and back injuries can be so debilitating is that they:

  • Often involve damage to the nerves, muscles and other tissues that connect the extremities to the spine
  • Are associated with mild to severe persistent pain
  • Can seriously impact a person’s mobility, affecting nearly any type of movement that individual tries to make

In fact, while more minor neck and back injuries may cause dull, constant pain, in the worst cases they can impair a person’s ability to turn his head, lift his arms, walk, pick up objects, bend over, sit up, drive, etc. Call us at 314-333-3333 or 573-333-3333 for our St. Louis office, or if you are in Illinois, call 618-888-8888 to contact attorney Dan Brown today.

Causes of Neck and Back Injuries

In many cases, the negligence or recklessness of another person or party plays a role in causing mild to severe neck and back injuries. Some specific examples of neck and back injury causes that can involve negligence include (but are not limited to):

How Do You Calculate Negligence in Neck and Back Injury Cases?

Generally speaking, negligence is a matter of carelessness. This may be intentional or unintentional, but includes most behaviors that a responsible person would work to avoid under normal circumstances. 

To determine if negligence has occurred, it is often best to have an attorney investigate the accident. This helps to establish liability, a key factor in any personal injury claim.

How Can a Neck and Back Injury Impact a Person's Life?

There can be several consequences caused by neck and back injuries. These include expensive medical treatments; ongoing rehabilitation; the need for adaptive technologies such as wheelchairs; a temporary or permanent loss of ability, including bowel and bladder control, sexual function, and movement; the necessity for home modifications such as ramps and handrails; and untold amounts of personal pain and suffering.

Depending on the severity, a neck or back injury may prevent a person from working, from engaging in preferred activities, and from full enjoyment of life. This can, in turn, result in an inability to provide for oneself and one’s family, serious emotional consequences, a loss of enjoyment in life, and advanced stages of depression and anxiety.

What are the Medical Costs Associated With Neck and Back Injuries?

Medical costs may include:

  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Hospital admittance for long-term care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical and recreational therapy
  • Adaptive technologies
  • 24-hour nursing care

Depending on the severity of your injury, full recovery may be impossible. This will allow costs to continue to incur for the rest of your life.

How Does an Attorney Build Your Injury Case?

After your initial consultation, your attorney will investigate your accident to determine liability. Once it has been established that you were the victim of someone else’s negligence, your case will enter the discovery phase where witnesses are interviewed, experts are hired to review medical records, and other forms of evidence are gathered. 

Evidence is used in conjunction with both actual expenses related to your injury, such as medical bills, and your personal pain and suffering to build a case for compensation.

What is the Average Settlement in a Neck and Back Injury Case?

There is no “average” settlement in personal injury claims. Factors including provable expenses and the long-term consequences of your injury can play a role in your settlement but, because these factors vary widely, it is difficult to establish an average.

Brown & Brown has been successful in securing significant compensation for many of our clients. The best way to learn what your case might be worth is through a one-on-one consultation at our Illinois or St. Louis office.

When Should You Contact an Attorney After a Neck and Back Injury?

It is always a good idea to discuss your claim with an attorney, even if you have already been offered a settlement from an insurance company. Once you accept an insurance settlement, you waive your right to seek compensation through legal action. Unless you have spoken with an attorney, you may be voluntarily giving up your right to seek compensation that is truly in line with the extent of your damages.

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When negligence plays a role in causing back and neck injuries, those who have been injured may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, permanent disabilities and mental anguish. The attorneys at Brown & Brown, LLP can review your case for free.

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