When do I Need a Workers Compensation Attorney?

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Transcript: Hey, Dan Brown here again at Brown & Brown; and if you’re banged up on the job, remember, normally you’re not dealing with your employer, you’re dealing with their insurance company - and the insurance company has some obligations for you. What are those?

One is pay all your medical bills. Two is pay your lost wages. Three, this is what we can provide, if you don’t think the workers’ comp doctors have treated you well, then you can always have a second opinion and that’s very important. The second opinion - a lot of times the doctors we use find things that other doctors have missed. And at the very end of your case, you’re entitled to a lump-sum settlement. And that’s how our fee becomes involved. We work on a contingency fee basis which means we only get paid if we collect. If we don't collect anything, you do not owe us any money - so it’s risk-free as far as you’re concerned.

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