How are Truck Cases Different From Car Accident Cases?

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Transcript: Hey, Dan Brown here again and at Brown & Brown, we deal a lot with truck collisions. If you’re involved in a tractor trailer hitting you, first thing possible is, if you are hit by a tractor trailer, if you’re able to, try to get out of the way of traffic. That’s first and foremost. The second is, see if you can get any witnesses - that’s always important.

Nowadays, people are just hustling-and-bustling and they’ll see something and they won’t even stop! If you do see a motor vehicle collision, please stop. Just give the person your card or something else: Hey, I saw what happened. It helps us immensely, because a lot of times people change their minds.

What happens is, the person will say at the scene, “Oh, it was my fault and everything. I’ll take care of everything.” And then what happens is, then they change their mind and they tell their insurance company something totally different. Then it becomes a he-said-she-said collision. Those are very difficult cases to prevail on.

So, especially with tractor trailers, make sure you call the police. Make sure the police come. Make sure they get your version of what transpired. And then, if necessary, if you need to go to an emergency room or anything else, for goodness sake, go there and get checked out! Especially in a collision like that.

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