How do You Determine What My Car Accident is Worth?

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Transcript: A lot of times, the first question I receive when somebody is in a motor vehicle collision is, ‘How much am I gonna get?’ Well, a lot of that depends on the person involved in the car crash. If all you do is go to an urgent care and you don’t follow up with any doctors, there’s not much documentation to show your injuries.

Therefore, if you are banged up in a collision, you really need to document your injuries. And if by doing so, it’s a win/win situation, because:

  • A) You get better – and that’s our number one concern, is for you to get better, and
  • B) To provide us with documentation of your injuries so we can show the insurance company or the judge you were really hurt in a motor vehicle collision.

Too many times people just say, ‘The nagging pain and discomfort. Oh! Go away! Oh, go away!’ What happens if it doesn’t go away? If it doesn’t go away and you wait two months before receiving medical care, a lot of times the insurance company or the judge is going to deny it. Why? Because they’re saying, ‘How do we know you didn’t bang yourself up in the last two months and you’re trying to tag on this for the motor vehicle collision?’ So it’s very important when you’re involved in a motor vehicle collision, call us for free. I mean, our phone number is pretty easy, (314) 333-3333 or in Illinois, (618) 888-8888 or visit our website at, that’s Brown Law Office (dot) Com. And always remember, if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you.