Attorney Dan Brown Discusses Why He Became a Lawyer

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Transcript: Dan Brown here at Brown & Brown again. And, one of the things I get asked a lot is, ‘What is your number one passion about being a lawyer?’ Number one is get people better and do a good job for people. For goodness sakes, we’re in the legal profession. We have an obligation to solve your legal needs. And by doing that, it makes my day. If all the sudden at the very end of a case someone comes in and says, ‘Hey Dan! You did a great job. You lead me through the process. You kept me updated…’ (Which is very very important.) I have a sincere desire to help people. And by helping people, A) you get better and B) you get compensated. So if you’ve been injured in any way, give us a call. In Missouri, dial all 3s (333-3333) in Illinois, dial all 8s (888-8888) and also remember our website, That’s Brown Law Office (dot) com.