Slip and Fall Accident With No Witness

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Transcript: A lot of our cases involve falls. And, with a fall case, first thing a lot of people say is, "Oh I’m too embarrassed that I fell." And then, all of a sudden they get up and they realize that they may have been injured. And if this has happened to you, remember, a lot of times a camera is your friend. Why is that? Well, the camera will normally detect your fall and show the fall so that we can recover for you.

And as with any injury, the key to success is one, get you better, that’s our number one goal is to get you better even after a fall. To get you better and then after getting you better, let’s get you compensated for all this.

So if you’re injured in a fall, call us for free. Dan Brown, you can always talk with me directly. (314) 333-3333 or in Illinois, (618) 888-8888. Or visit our website at That’s And remember, even if you fall, if you have a case and you want to discuss it with us, we’ll come to you.