Class Action vs. Mass Tort

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Transcript: A lot of people they ask me, “Hey Dan Brown, what’s this all about mass torts? Mass torts are class actions. Well they’re different. Mass torts is usually when you’re dealing with a product and class actions can be something totally different. But pertaining to mass torts, a lot of times it’s a drug manufacturer or a hernia mesh manufacturer. So if you’re a victim of any sort of drug or product, come to us, Brown & Brown, you can talk directly with me. If I have bad news, I’ll tell ya, “Hey, I’m sorry, I’ve got bad news.” But at least I’ll be straight forward with you. Now at Brown & Brown, you know our phone number, (314) 333-3333 and in Illinois, (618) 888-8888 or BrownLawOffice.Com. That’s Brown Law Office (dot) com.