Tire Blowout Leads to Fatal RV Crash on I-64

This past Monday, a fiery and fatal RV crash on I-64 claimed the lives of a married couple. According to investigators, the wreck was caused by a tire on the RV blowing out, which caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The RV then reportedly crashed into another vehicle and slammed into an interstate sign, after which it erupted in flames. The couple in the RV was pronounced dead at the scene.

Are the Victims’ Families Entitled to Compensation?

Our St Louis car accident lawyer comments on the recent fatal RV crash in East St Louis, providing some insight as to when negligence can contribute to such accidents.
Our St Louis car accident lawyer comments on the
recent fatal RV crash in East St Louis, providing some
insight as to when negligence can contribute to such

Focusing on the victims who lost their lives in this accident (as there are other accident victims), the short answer is possibly. The more helpful answer is, however, that it will depend on investigators’ findings regarding whether negligence may have been involved.

Just some examples of how negligence may have contributed to this collision can include that:

  • Another motorist was violating the law prior to the accident, causing the RV driver to swerve, blowout a tire and get into the fatal wreck.
  • The road conditions were dangerous, causing the tire blowout. For instance, uncovered manholes, large potholes and even debris left in the road can all cause tires to blow out if motorists driver over them. Typically in these cases, the party responsible for the safety and maintenance of the road (e.g., a municipality, a homeowner’s association, etc.) would be liable.
  • The tires were not properly installed/mounted on the RV, causing them to blow out.
  • The tire(s) on the RV were defective or faulty to begin with, in which case the tire manufacturer would likely be liable.

A Word about Wrongful Death Compensation

When it comes to compensation for families who have lost their loved ones in fatal traffic accidents, we want to note that we understand that there is no sum of money that will ever be enough to make up for the loss of your loved one.

However, our attorneys also understand that obtaining compensation after the untimely death of a loved one can be crucial to putting that loved one to rest properly while securing a sense of justice.

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