6 Myths about Rollover Accidents Debunked (Pt. 3)

Concluding our blog series 6 Myths about Rollover Accidents Debunked, here, a few more myths about rollovers will be dispelled.

More Rollover Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Myth 5 – There’s nothing drivers can do to reduce their risk of rollover accidents.

The most costly myth about rollovers is that you don’t need to consult a lawyer after these wrecks. Contact our St Louis car accident lawyer for more info about your rights.
The most costly myth about rollovers
is that you don’t need to consult a
lawyer after these wrecks. Contact our
St Louis car accident lawyer for more
info about your rights.

Fact – This is just flat-out wrong. Given that drivers’ behavior is a leading cause of rollovers (but not the only potential cause, as noted in our previous blog), drivers can adjust their behaviors to minimize their risks of rollovers. Specifically, this risk can be limited by drivers:

  • Remaining sober so that their reaction times, perception, coordination, and judgment are precise (rather than impaired)
  • Staying focused so that they are aware of and can adequately respond to changing driving conditions
  • Obeying all traffic laws, as this will reduce the chances that motorists will be in risky situations that could increase the possibility of rollovers.

Additionally, in the event rollovers do occur, the single most effective thing motorists (and passengers) can do to protect themselves and minimize the injuries/harm caused by rollovers is wearing their seatbelts. In fact, the NHTSA reports that, by simply wearing seatbelts, drivers can reduce their risk of sustaining fatal injuries in rollover accidents by 75 percent.

Myth 6 – After rollover accidents, you don’t need to meet with a lawyer.

Fact – Of all of the rollover myths we’ve dispelled thus far, this is the single most costly myth that people can believe. This is because, when rollovers are caused by others’ negligence, the victims who are injured in these accidents:

  • Can be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, property damage and emotional suffering (among other things)
  • Will have the best chances of succeeding in their financial recovery by retaining an experienced lawyer like an esteemed St Louis car accident attorney at Brown & Brown Attorneys at Law.

In fact, when it comes to compensation after car accidents:

  • There are strict time limits for filing claims.
  • The sooner injured people meeting with a lawyer and get their cases started, the sooner they will be on the road to financial recovery.

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