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Many adults and school children rely on buses to transport them on a daily basis. And, tragically, sometimes these buses can be involved in serious accidents.

While bus accidents can be particularly upsetting to the public given that so many people trust buses to regularly and safely transport them, these accidents can also be alarming in that they:

  • Can cause far more damage than other motor vehicle accidents due to the size and weight of buses (even at low speeds, bus accidents can have devastating consequences)
  • Tend to have significantly more injured victims (in the form of the bus’ passengers) than car versus car or other types of traffic accidents in which the involved vehicles carry far fewer passengers

Bus Accident Causes

Bus Accident Attorney St Louis MO, Fairview Heights ILBus accidents can be caused by any combination of the following:

  • Bus driver error, such as a driver’s failure to obey traffic laws, driving while intoxicated and/or driving without a proper (or valid) driver’s license
  • Errors committed by other motorists, which can include other drivers on the road disobeying traffic laws, driving while intoxicated and/or driving while fatigued (studies show that driver fatigue can be just as dangerous as drunk driving)
  • Busing company’s negligence, examples of which can include a busing company’s failure to properly maintain its vehicles and/or to conduct background checks on its drivers
  • City or county’s negligence, which may include a city or county failing to properly and safely maintain its roadways and highways
  • Vehicle equipment manufacturer’s negligence, which can result in bus equipment – like braking systems – malfunctioning because, for example, the manufacturer used cheap parts in the assembly process.

Should any of the above-mentioned negligence or recklessness play a role in causing a bus accident, injured parties may be eligible to compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, property damage and mental anguish by pursuing a bus accident lawsuit.

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