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November 05, 2015
Spine Injuries Rose 60% for People 65+ over Past Decade Since 1993, there has been a dramatic surge in spinal cord injury rates among those 65 and older in the U.S., according to a Vanderbilt University study published in the June 2015 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association (... Read Full Post
Category: Personal Injury
October 31, 2015
Eighteen pedestrians have been hit and killed in St. Louis so far in 2015, representing more than then the number of pedestrian fatalities that occurred in St. Louis in 2013 and 2014 combined. As safety officials scramble to try to reverse this trend and protect all travelers on St. Louis roads,... Read Full Post
Category: Car Accident
October 25, 2015
Following a work accident or an occupational illness, Illinois workers can file for workers compensation benefits to obtain financial support as they recover. Given that the application process can be complicated, below we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about Illinois... Read Full Post
October 20, 2015
Piramal Glass USA Inc. in Park Hills, Missouri was hit with a hefty OSHA earlier this month for its failure to comply with federal safety regulations and prevent a worker from sustaining severe burn injuries. A MO glass manufacturer has been hit with a hefty fine for failing to prevent a fire... Read Full Post
October 15, 2015
Distracted drivers are involved in nearly 1 in every 4 traffic accidents that occur in the U.S. annually. While this clearly indicates that distracted driving is a prominent problem on American roads, it also reveals how many people may be unaware of the following facts about distracted driving –... Read Full Post
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October 10, 2015
Checkpoints are a common way that law enforcement officials try to deter and nab impaired drivers. Despite the fact that checkpoints have been in use for time, they have been a source of controversy in recent years, leading some to even call for them to no longer be used as part of DUI enforcement... Read Full Post
Category: Traffic and DUI
October 05, 2015
For some Americans, going to work means risking their lives every day. Looking to pinpoint the most dangerous jobs to have in the U.S., researchers at Health Grove analyzed data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to develop a ranking (based on the calculated fatality rate per every 100,... Read Full Post
September 30, 2015
A St Louis personal injury lawyer discusses the announcement that Takeda’s $2.37 billion Actos settlement has been finalized. Marking the largest settlement in U.S. history for a drug that is still on the market, the $2.37 billion Actos settlement proposed at the end of April has recently been... Read Full Post
Category: Personal Injury
September 23, 2015
If you have questions about Missouri workers compensation claims & benefits, we have answers in these FAQs. Or contact our St Louis workers compensation lawyer. The Missouri workers compensation system provides financial support to workers who have sustained a job-related injury and those who... Read Full Post
September 15, 2015
Well, you may not have a choice if Allstate is able to broadly use new technology for which it recently received a patent. Known as “traffic-based driving analysis,” this technology would allow the insurance provider to record various data about drivers, their actions and their driving environments... Read Full Post
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