What You Need To Know After You’ve Been In An Electrocution Accident

What You Need To Know After You’ve Been In An Electrocution Accident

Very serious injuries, and sometimes even death, can occur from being involved in an Electrocution accident. If you’re the victim of shock injury, it is important to know your rights and what you should do after being in an accident. An experienced attorney can help you by protecting your legal rights, help you obtain the compensation you deserve, and hold responsible parties accountable

Electric Shock Injuries

Electric shock injuries can occur almost anywhere there is power, but typically occur in areas where there are damaged electrical cords, exposed electrical cords, and more. Construction sites and other workplaces injuries happen frequently as electrical cords are being installed, replaced, and moved. The following are some of the injuries you can sustain from being in an electrocution accident:

  • Heart damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Brain damage
  • Skin damage

An electric shock injury can lead to long term injuries, which can lower your quality of life.These injuries can even happen at home after using a defective electronic appliance. Knowing what to do after the accident, as well as what your legal rights are, is important for your safety and settlement rights. 

What To Do After The Accident

After being in an electric shock accident, it is important to seek medical attention. Call 911 and wait for the paramedics to drive as you might not be in good enough condition to drive yourself to a hospital. If you’re able, make sure that the exposed electric cords are not going to cause anyone else harm by turning off the electricity at its source. 

Can I File A Lawsuit After Being Electrocuted at Work?

If you or a loved one has been involved in an electric shock accident at work, with the right evidence, you may be eligible for Workers Compensation benefits. It is important to document the incident after it happens by taking pictures of the exposed cables to provide evidence in the court of law when the time comes. 

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