Understand Your Rights After Being Injured By a Dog Bite

Understand Your Rights After Being Injured By a Dog Bite

One of the most common pets in the United States are dogs. Our canine friends bring us plenty of joy and happiness. Taking them on walks, to the beach, or the dog park can be very stress relieving for many people, as they get to watch their furry friend have a great time. 

While many dogs are properly trained and handled, many other dogs have not been fully trained or socialized, which can eventually lead to a dog bite accident. Knowing what to do and what your rights are after being bitten is important. 

Dog Bite Levels and How They Apply To You

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers ( ADPT) categorizes dog bites into six different sections. Each section helps categorize the lethality and severity of the bite to help determine the level of danger posed from each bite. Level one involves a dog being aggressive but not biting you, while level two does involve a dog bite and its teeth making contact with the skin, but no skin being punctured. According to the ADPT, almost 99% of dog bites can be categorized into either level one or level two bites. 

A dog bite does not have to puncture the skin for you to have a case, as the bite itself is enough. Level three and four is when the bite punctures from a single bite, and the levels vary due to depth of the teeth puncture. A level five dog bite happens when someone has been bitten multiple times, and level six is an attack that leaves the victim dead. Any dog bite from level three to level six is very rare. 

What To Do After Being Bitten

After being bitten, it is important to deescalate the situation to prevent it from getting out of hand. Attempt to get the dog’s owners contact information. You should also contact the police after the attack if you’re able, as law enforcement can help verify the legitimacy of the incident and have the situation on record. Doing this will help if you are looking to file a lawsuit against the dog owner. You should then wash the bite with warm water and soap, and see a doctor. 

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