Vehicle Equipment Failure and Car Accidents

When vehicle equipment failure causes a car accident, injured parties may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and losses from the equipment manufacturer.
When vehicle equipment failure causes a car accident,
injured parties may be entitled to compensation for their
injuries and losses from the equipment manufacturer.

Although the majority of car accidents are caused by some type of driver error, in some cases, traffic accidents are the result of a vehicle’s equipment malfunctioning, which can, in turn, cause drivers to lose control of their cars. When vehicle equipment failure causes or plays a role in causing a car accident, injured parties will likely:

  • Be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, short- and long-term physical injuries, lost wages, property damage and mental anguish
  • Be able to hold the manufacturer of the defective piece of equipment (or another party) legally liable by filing a car accident lawsuit.

Common Types of Vehicle Equipment Malfunctions

Some of the most common pieces of equipment on vehicles that malfunction (and that are often recalled by manufacturers) include (but are not limited to):

  • Braking systems that fail to properly stop a vehicle or that lock-up
  • Air bags that fail to deploy in an accident or that deploy at the wrong times
  • Seat belts and other vehicle safety equipment that fail to stay in place and sufficiently hold individuals in the event of an accident
  • Floor mats (The “malfunction” in this case can lie in the fact that the floor mats fail to stay in place and, consequently, slip beneath the gas and/or braking pedals of the car.)
  • Tires that are highly susceptible to blowouts, tread wear or other problems
  • Steering systems that do not provide sufficient control over a vehicle.

Causes of Vehicle Equipment Failures

While some car parts may fail to properly work because they were poorly designed by a manufacturer, other reasons for vehicle equipment failures could be that:

  • The equipment was poorly assembled (i.e., was made from cheap or defective parts).
  • The equipment on the vehicle was not properly installed by a mechanic at a repair shop.
  • The vehicle has not been properly maintained by the car’s owner.

St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers

If you have been involved in a car accident that may have been caused or worsened by some type of vehicle equipment failure, contact the St. Louis car accident injury lawyers at Brown & Brown Attorneys at Law. We have a long-standing commitment to serving our clients, and we are experienced at aggressively defending our clients’ rights in any legal setting. Our goal is to preserve and promote the rights and welfare of individuals and families who have suffered injuries and losses and/or who need help navigating through the complexities of the court system.

Since 1993, our lawyers have been successfully representing our clients in various areas of personal injury litigation, including car accident lawsuits. Our unwavering dedication to the pursuit of justice in every case we handle means that we will work relentlessly to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes to their cases. One of our primary goals is to help accident victims secure the maximum possible compensation for their injuries and losses so they can focus on their recovery and moving on with their lives. For a free initial consult, email us using the form at the right-hand side of the screen and/or to call us at 573-333-3333 for our Missouri office or at 618-888-8888 for our Illinois office.

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