Personal Injury Settlements: When to Choose a Lump Sum Payment

Choosing a lump sum payment for a personal injury settlement is a better option if tax issues may become a concern or if inflation could devalue a structured settlement in the future.
Choosing a lump sum payment for a personal injury
settlement is a better option if tax issues may become a
concern or if inflation could devalue a structured settlement
in the future.

In the aftermath of a personal injury lawsuit, it may be difficult for plaintiffs to choose between whether to opt for a structured annuity or a lump sum payment. While both options have their advantages and disadvantages, the following outlines when it may be better to choose a lump sum payment for a personal injury settlement:

  • It can be difficult to determine the true value of a structured settlement, making it problematic for a lawyer to assess whether the plaintiff is being sufficiently compensated for his injuries and losses. This can allow unethical insurance agents to take advantage of unknowing plaintiffs.
  • If the individual will have primary control over the money (regardless of whether a structured annuity or lump sum payment is chosen), then the IRS could choose to levy some hefty taxes on the settlement. When tax concerns may be an issue, then it’s better for the individual to choose to a lump sum payment.
  • When considering the possibility of inflation or a potentially volatile economy, the actual value of a structured annuity may decrease in future years and may not be sufficient to cover an individual’s medical and/or living expenses. In consideration of this, a lump sum payment may be a better option than a structured payment.

It’s important to point out, however, that choosing a lump sum can be problematic for individuals who:

  • Run the risk of spending the entirety of the personal injury settlement too soon (as most individuals who choose lump sum payments run through their settlement cash in less than 5 years of getting it)
  • Need to rely on the settlement to cover their living expenses and/or medical bills for the foreseeable future.

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