Speed Played a Role in Fatal Car Accident That Killed Actor Paul Walker

Speed Played a Role in Fatal Car Accident That Killed Actor Paul Walker

On November 30, actor Paul Walker, 40, was killed in a fiery single-vehicle accident at around 3:30pm as he was leaving a charity event being held in Santa Clarita, California. According to police reports, Walker – who is best known for starring in The Fast and The Furious movie franchise – was a passenger in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, which was being driven by his childhood friend and racing team partner, Roger Rodas, who also died in this fatal car accident.

While police are still investigating the precise causes of this accident, investigators have made an initial conclusion that speed was a factor in this wreck. In fact, investigators estimate that Rodas was likely driving about 100 mph when the Porsche collided with a pole and then a tree, after which it became engulfed in flames. The posted speed limit in the area of the fatal car accident was reportedly 45 mph. Some of the indications that Rodas was likely speeding and driving recklessly immediately prior to the accident include the following:

  • The skid marks on the street leading up to the pole
  • The damage done to both the pole and the tree that were hit by the Porsche
  • The fact that the car was nearly split in half upon impact with both the pole and the tree.

Although police are still awaiting dental records for both Walker and Rodas, as their bodies were unrecognizable due to the nature of the fatal collision, they are looking into whether Rodas may have been intoxicated or distracted while driving and/or whether there may have been some object or vehicle in the road that Rodas swerved to avoid immediately prior to the accident.

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