No Fatal Accidents Occurred in MO Over New Year’s, According to Hwy Patrol

While the Missouri Highway Patrol (MPH) has reported that no fatal car accidents took place in Missouri over New Year’s, it also reported that DWIs were down on this holiday.
While the Missouri Highway Patrol (MPH) has
reported that no fatal car accidents took place
in Missouri over New Year’s, it also reported
that DWIs were down on this holiday.

Representatives for the Missouri Highway Patrol (MPH) have recently reported that no fatal car accidents occurred in the state of Missouri over the New Year’s holiday, which officially was set as the period between 6 pm Tuesday December 31st through 11:59 pm Wednesday January 1st. Although representatives caution that this initial report could change if anyone who was involved in an injury-related accident ends up dying of their injuries, so far, the following has been the reported traffic incidents for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day:

  • 116 motor vehicle accidents, which marks a sharp decrease from the 486 motor vehicle accidents that resulted in 12 deaths over the 2012-2013 New Year’s holiday
  • 42 injuries from these traffic accidents, which also marks a sharp decline from the previous year in which there were a reported 147 injuries from traffic incidents
  • 47 driving while intoxicated incidents, which also marks a significant decrease from the previous year when officers made 124 DWI arrests.

Officials were quick to point out that these reported traffic incidents reflected statewide information – not just incidents that the MPH responded to on the state’s highways.

Reasons for Decline in New Year’s Holiday Traffic Accidents

While officials have not specified exactly why there was such a dramatic decrease in the number of traffic incidents reported for the 2013-2014 New Year’s holiday (when compared with the previous year), some have speculated that a combination of the following may have been at play:

  • More people celebrating the holiday took cabs, had designated drivers or found other ways to travel without having to drive themselves.
  • The cold weather may have decreased the number of commuting partygoers out and about on the New Year’s Eve holiday.
  • There may have been less patrolling officers over New Year’s Eve due to recent budget cuts with the MPH.

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