How to Know if Your Lawyer is Trustworthy

Attorney,Promise,Lawyer,Partnership,Businessman,Handshake,Together,Law,Firm.,Teamwork If you’re looking for a good lawyer in St. Louis, MO, or Illinois, you likely want to know what questions to ask. Knowing how to hire an attorney is not something we are taught in school, and most people find themselves confused and anxious when comparing their options. We believe that research is vital to getting the best legal care and have written this post to help you understand how to tell if your lawyer is trustworthy.

You Can Verify Their Credentials

Any reputable attorney will be easy to verify. You can check their state bar associations to determine if they are legally permitted to practice law in their state. The American Bar Association provides free directories for every state. You can easily search our attorneys in Illinois and St. Louis, MO.

There Are Positive Reviews Online

When people are satisfied with a law firm’s service, they often want to tell others. Online reviews can provide valuable information about an attorney’s service. Do not focus solely on case outcomes; read what others say about a firm’s conduct. Were they professional, punctual, and supportive? Did they go the extra mile to make the client feel included in the legal process?

These reviews can be helpful as you decide whether a law firm deserves your trust.

They Have Clear Practice Areas

Lawyers owe a duty of competency to their clients. This means they should only practice in areas of law they are well-versed in. A lawyer should not claim to be a jack of all trades unless they are capable of successfully representing clients in all areas of law.

While some attorneys can certainly become competent in an area they do not typically practice with research, you should look for attorneys with experience working in cases you need help with, like personal injury or family law.

Discuss Your Case With an Attorney in St. Louis, MO, or Illinois

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