Where Can You Find a Defective Product Lawyer?

Lawyer,Office.,Statue,Of,Justice,With,Scales,And,Lawyer,Working Also commonly referred to as product liability cases, defective product cases are more complicated than most people realize. You’re talking about more than just a situation where something you purchased doesn’t work the way you expected it to or were told it was. As a result of that, a dangerous and potentially devastating situation was likely created.

Finding a Defective Product Lawyer: Breaking Things Down

In the event that you are injured as the direct result of a defective product, you can likely sue the original manufacturer for negligence. This means that you have to prove that the product was not manufactured in a way that a “reasonably prudent” manufacturer would have been expected to. Perhaps they cut corners, or there was a major design flaw that nobody caught. At that point, it doesn’t matter – the damage has been done.

Or, you can sue the manufacturer due to what is called a “breach of warranty.” Most people are familiar with a warranty in the sense that if something breaks, a manufacturer is supposed to fix it. There are also express and implied warranties that help guarantee the safety of the product as well. If those warranties have been breached, you likely have a case, and the defective product lawyers at Brown & Brown Attorneys at Law are ready to fight for your rights.

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