How to Avoid a Summer Auto Accident: 4 Driving Safety Tips

As we’ve noted in a previous blog, summertime is the season during which the most traffic accidents tend to occur. So, if you will be on the roads this summer, here are some essential driving safety tips to keep in mind. Applying these tips when you drive can help you minimize your risk of a summer time traffic accident, keeping you and your family safe to enjoy the fun that the summer season has to offer.

Reduce Your Risk of Summer Auto Accidents with these Tips 

By following these tips, you can reduce your risk of being in a summer auto accident, an experienced St Louis car accident attorney notes.
By following these tips, you can reduce your risk of
being in a summer auto accident, an experienced
St Louis car accident attorney notes.

  • Get your vehicle checked out/maintained – The heat of summer time can place extra stress on certain vehicle equipment, especially if that equipment is older or worn out. For instance, tire blowouts are far more likely to occur in the summer, particularly with older tires, as the summer heat can cause the tire’s air to expand.

    To reduce your risk of an equipment failure when you are driving this summer, be sure to get your vehicle serviced before summer sets in. Making minor repairs now could save you a lot of headaches and stress in the future.

  • Remain sober and attentive behind the wheel – Having more drivers on the road during the summer can complicate driving conditions, as there is a lot more to consider and focus on when there are more travelers on the road.So, don’t do anything – like succumb to distractions or drive while impaired – that could further increase your risk of a collision. Only get behind the wheel if you are sober and ready to remain focused on driving.
  • Wear your seatbelt – The number one thing you can do to prevent serious/fatal injuries in the event of a traffic collision is to wear your seatbelt. In fact, the NHTSA has reported that buckling up can reduce people’s risk of injury and death by about 45 percent if an accident occurs.So, take the simple and effective safety precautions that are available to you, as you never know when other motorists on the road may be impaired, distracted or simply careless.
  • Follow traffic laws – As simple as it might sound, complying with basic traffic laws (e.g., speed limits, stopping at red lights, yielding the rights-of-way, etc.) is another very effective way to reduce your chances of an accident this summer. Going hand-in-hand with this, consider adopting some defensive driving habits.

What do you think about these tips? Will you share them with your loved ones to help promote safe summertime driving? Post your comments at our Facebook & Google+ pages.

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