New NHTSA Rule Requires Anti-Rollover Systems on Large Buses Trucks

Large buses and heavy trucks operating in the U.S. will soon be required to contain electronic stability control (ESC) systems to reduce the risk of rollover collisions and foster safer roadway traveling, officials at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have recently announced.

A new rule requiring ESC systems on heavy buses and trucks could reduce rollovers in the future, a St Louis personal injury lawyer notes.
A new rule requiring ESC systems on heavy
buses and trucks could reduce rollovers in
the future, a St Louis personal injury
lawyer notes.

ESC systems, which are available in many newer passenger vehicles, can prevent deadly rollovers by automatically controlling a vehicle’s brakes and, in doing so, helping drivers maintain control over vehicles. If these systems are added to larger, heavier buses and trucks, NHTSA regulators predict that they could prevent more than 1,750 traffic accidents each year, potentially saving as many as 50 lives and preventing nearly 650 injuries.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx explained the importance of this new NHTSA rule, stating:

ESC is a remarkable safety success story, a technology innovation that is already saving lives in passenger cars and light trucks… Requiring ESC on heavy trucks and large buses will bring that safety innovation to the largest vehicles on our highways, increasing safety for drivers and passengers of these vehicles and for all road users.

Details of the New NHTSA Rule for ESC Systems in Buses, Trucks

The new NHTSA rule (FMVSS No. 136) was officially finalized at the beginning of this month, and it will realize some of the 2011 recommendations made by the National Transportation Safety Board. Those recommendations reportedly suggested that ESC systems be mandatory equipment on all heavy-duty vehicles.

This rule will take effect in phases, as vehicles ESC systems will reportedly be compliance tested via a “J-turn” test. Currently, the plans for implementing the new NHTSA rule are scheduled to come into effect for:

  • Most heavy trucks (i.e., trucks exceeding 26,000 pounds) in two years (i.e., by 2017)
  • Buses weighing more than 33,000 pounds in three years (i.e., 2018)
  • Buses weighing between 26,000 pounds and 33,000 pounds in four years (i.e., 2019).

What do you think about this new rule for heavier trucks and buses? Do you think this new rule will be effective and/or will benefit public safety on the roads? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook & Google+.

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