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Although many work machines are safe and have been used within industry for years or even decades, some work machines pose a serious danger to employees and can cause workers to sustain severe injuries even when the worker is using the machine as instructed. When a person is injured by a work machine, he will not be able to sue his employer – worker’s compensation laws and claims prevent this type of lawsuit.

But, he may be able to hold the manufacturer of the faulty machine legally liable for his injuries and losses.

Causes of Work Machine Injuries

Work machine injuries can be caused by:

  • Defectively designed machine parts (or the dangerous design of the machine as a whole)
  • Improper maintenance of a machine (either due to failure to maintain the machine or to not properly fixing the machine when it is broken)
  • Lack of proper instructions regarding how to use the machine
  • Failure to warn the public about the risks or dangers associated with using the machine

Some examples of work machines that have been reported to cause injuries include (but are not limited to):

  • Tractors, forklifts, cranes, etc.
  • Industrial kitchen or cooking equipment
  • Power tools
  • Printing presses

Types of Work Machine Injuries

Work machine injuries can include (but are not limited to):

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