NFL Players Assocation Seeks to Keep Workers’ Compensation Claims in MO

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) is allegedly pressuring contract agent players to reject the terms of new contracts being offered to them to play in California as “inappropriate.” This is because the Association appears to want to keep workers’ compensation claims in the state of Missouri instead of California.

According to a recent NBS report, here is the language being labeled as inappropriate by the NFLAP:1

The parties hereto acknowledge that this Player Contract has been negotiated and executed in Missouri; that should any dispute, claim or cause of action (collectively ‘dispute’) arise concerning rights or liabilities arising from the relationship between the Player and the Club, the parties hereto agree that the law governing such dispute shall be the law of the State of Missouri.  Furthermore, the exclusive jurisdiction for resolving Workers’ Compensation related claims shall be the Division of Workers’ Compensation of Missouri, and the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Act shall govern.

Union Argues Against State Control of Workers’ Compensation

NFL Players Assocation Seeks to Keep Workers’ Compensation Claims in MO
NFL Players Assocation Seeks to Keep Workers’
Compensation Claims in MO

The NFLAP has issued a strong warning to players and any business entity against using this type of contractual language intended to keep workers’ compensation claims in the state of Missouri.

One team has even taken action to move to another state in order to subvert this clause and avoid having workers compensation claims exclusively based in Missouri. In fact:

  • The Rams have relocated to California as evidenced by the team’s website, which now lists the team as the Los Angeles Rams.
  • The Rams are planning to hold pre-season workouts and training camp in California.
  • The Rams plan to practice and play their 2016 season in California.

When Work Injuries Occur: How a Workers Compensation Attorney Can Help

Generally speaking, workers’ compensation lawyers can be essential to positioning these claims for approval helping injured workers’ protect their rights, and help them file appeals when valid claims are wrongly denied.

After any type of accident or incident at work harms you (or a loved one), here are some of the most important things to keep in mind as you move forward to file a workers’ compensation claim:

  • Employers tend to be very knowledgeable about law and how workers’ compensation claims work.
  • Employees tend to know relatively little about workers’ compensation laws and how to benefit from them, which is why it’s important to retain an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.
  • Insurance companies that process workers compensation claims tend to be looking out for their own profits (and the employers who are their clients), rather than injured workers. This effectively means that injured workers cannot count on insurers to look out for them, to explain their rights or to provide the benefit payouts that may be deserved.

Contact a St Louis Workers Compensation Lawyer at Brown & Brown Attorneys at Law

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