In 2014, American Workers Sustained 3 Million Nonfatal Injuries, According to BLS Report

Last year, U.S. workers in the private sector sustained about 3 million nonfatal injuries, marking a slight drop in the injury rates when compared to the numbers from 2013.

3 million nonfatal work injuries sustained by U.S. workers in 2014
3 million nonfatal work injuries sustained by U.S.
workers in 2014

This is according to a recent report from officials at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which also found that:

  • With the exception of 2012, there has been a steady decline in the incidence of work injuries in the U.S. since 2000.
  • Although the rate of nonfatal injuries in the U.S. dropped by about 0.1 percent since last year, the number of days away from work (DAFW), as well as the number of job transfers (JT), required due to these injuries remained unchanged in 2014 (when compared to 2013).
  • While the gestalt of the data shows an overall decline in nonfatal work injuries in the U.S., in the manufacturing sector, there was a continued “17-year trend” of the JT rate exceeding the DAFW.

Remarking on this report’s findings, OSHA’s Assistant Secretary of Labor Dr. David Michaels stated:

Workplace injuries and illnesses have a devastating effect on workers, their families, and the businesses where they occur. These injuries and illnesses contribute to the pressing issue of income inequality: they force working families out of the middle class and into poverty, and keep the families of lower-wage workers from entering the middle class and achieving the American Dream.

Top 10 States with Highest Nonfatal Work Injury Rates, According to the BLS Report

In addition to providing a big picture view of the incidence of nonfatal work injuries in the U.S. last year, this BLS report also calculated the injury rate for each state, providing some more refined insight as to where more (and less) of these injuries are occurring.

According to this ranking,1 the top 10 states with the most reported nonfatal working injuries last year (for workers in the private sector) included:

  1. Maine (5.3 injuries for every 100,000 workers)
  2. Vermont (5.0)
  3. Washington (4.6)
  4. Montana (4.5)
  5. West Virginia (4.0)
  6. Nevada (4.0)
  7. Oregon (3.9)
  8. Wisconsin (3.9)
  9. Alaska (3.9)
  10. Iowa (3.9).

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