Everything To Know About Workers’ Compensation In Missouri

Accidents can happen anywhere, but when they happen in the workplace, your employer is responsible for covering bills you may incur as well as disability payments. 

In the unfortunate case of a fatal accident, in the state of Missouri, your employer is responsible for covering survivor’s benefits as well as covering funeral expenses up to a certain amount.

Being injured on the job can leave you stressed and demoralized, thankfully Missouri law seeks to support employees during a trying time. This post explores everything you need to know about workers’ compensation in Missouri. 

Your Employer Has Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Missouri, the law stipulates that any employer with more than five employees needs to have workers’ compensation insurance.

If you are in the construction industry, your employer needs workers’ compensation insurance if there is even one employee. This makes certain that in the event of a workplace accident, employees are covered for medical bills, lost wages, and permanent disability. 

The “No-Fault” Clause In Missouri Workers’ Compensation 

According to state mandate, Missouri ensures any employee subjected to any injury while on the job is entitled to receive some form of compensation whether that be medical bills, partial wages, or some combination of both. 

What Do I Need To Receive Workers’ Compensation In Missouri

If you’ve been injured while at work, Missouri law dictates you must make a written notice of injury and give it to your employer. You must write out the time, place, and manner of the injury within 30 days and also include your name and personal address. 

As part of workers’ compensation, you are entitled for payment of medical bills. To that effect, your employer has the right to choose a doctor for treatment. If you’d like to select your own doctor, keep in mind that your typical health insurance may not pay for treatment.

If you use a government social program for health insurance, such as Medicare or Medicaid, they may take some or all of your settlement money to recoup what was spent. Working with an attorney can ensure you only get the treatment you need but also the compensation you deserve. 

Let Brown & Brown Help You With Workers’ Compensation In Missouri 

You have limited time to file a claim, so don’t delay. An experienced attorney can help fight against the clock and fight for you. Choose an attorney that is going to help. 

At Brown & Brown, we believe in helping. That is why unless we achieve a successful outcome, we do not collect any fees. 

At Brown & Brown, we believe in helping. That is why we focus first on getting you the medical care you need then focus on your case. At Brown & Brown, we believe in helping. That is why we offer free consultations to discuss your case with an experienced, compassionate lawyer. 

Allow Brown & Brown to help you. Please contact our St. Louis office today to get in touch with a Missouri personal injury attorney.

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