Everything To Know About Workers’ Compensation In Illinois

workers' compensation (1) Whether you’re an airline employee from flight attendant to gate agent, or if you’re a construction worker from foreman to contractor, or even if you work in the office from coordinator to analyst, regardless of your job, experiencing an injury at work should make you eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. There can be a lot to make sense of after your injury and though getting an experienced lawyer is necessary to be able to lead you through all the legal aspects of obtaining your workers’ compensation, it can still be beneficial to know much about workers’ compensation. If you have questions about receiving workers’ compensation in Illinois, keep reading to learn all about it! 

Your Employer Has To Cover Medical Bills 

Illinois law is clear: All necessary and reasonable medical bills must be taken care of by your employer if they are the result of your work injuries. This is on top of your workers’ compensation claim. Because of updates to the workers’ compensation act that took place in 2011, it is best to speak to the attorneys at Brown & Brown to understand your rights clearly. 

You Are Entitled To Collect Lost Time Wages

Your employer may be responsible for compensating you for time lost from being able to work. This typically is compensated through two-thirds of your weekly wage. If your weekly wage is inconsistent, then the average is taken. 

You Have Tax Rights When It Comes To Workers’ Compensation 

Did you know that any money received due to an Illinois workers’ compensation claim is completely tax-free? This should also be a good time to note that Illinois workers’ compensation is something called a “no-fault” system meaning that you do not have to prove that your employer’s negligence led to your workplace injury. Also, in Illinois, injuries and traumas gained throughout your employment, such as repetitive trauma injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, are covered in Illinois for workers’ compensation.

Have More Questions About Workers’ Compensation In Illinois? 

Then make sure to consult the knowledgeable and experienced lawyers at Brown & Brown. Being unable to return to work and collect wages can be a difficult time. Allow us to make it easier for you. Call today at 618-888-8888!

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