Drunk Driving Accidents Increase in the Summertime

Drunk driver with head on steering wheel

Summertime offers longer days, warmer weather, and gatherings with friends, all of which contribute to increased instances of drunk driving from June through August. While the days with the highest number of drunk driving accidents are New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day all see increased numbers of accidents as well.

Nearly 30% of the yearly total of fatal drunk driving accidents occur in the summertime. Major holidays see the largest number of accidents specifically, but nighttime driving during the summer, in general, is dangerous. Around 60% of all drunk driving accidents occur after the sun has set.

When you are injured or a loved one is killed by an intoxicated driver, you have every right to seek compensation through swift and aggressive legal action.

Civil vs. Criminal Proceedings

Drunk driving is a criminal offense. If someone is charged with this crime, they may face jail time, driver’s license suspension, heavy fines and fees, and court-mandated classes if found guilty. Criminal proceedings will not seek compensation for victims.

Civil action through a personal injury lawsuit works to hold drunk drivers accountable, even if they have been cleared of criminal charges. With a civil case, our attorneys work to establish liability in an effort to secure compensation for all related damages. These may include lost wages, medical expenses, and similar financial losses in addition to compensation for pain, suffering, and similarly difficult-to-prove issues.

Criminal cases do not impact civil cases. When a drunk driver causes harm, they can be held accountable. Having an experienced and dedicated attorney on your side is important for making sure this happens.

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