Driver in Fatal Car Accident Seeks License Reinstatement

The man responsible for killing two teenage sisters in a 2007 fatal car accident is attempting to get his driver’s license reinstated.
The man responsible for killing two teenage
sisters in a 2007 fatal car accident is
attempting to get his driver’s license

The man responsible for killing two teenage sisters in a 2007 fatal car accident is appealing the Illinois Secretary of State’s office in an attempt to get his driver’s license reinstated. This marks the fourth time that the man, former Illinois State Trooper Matt Mitchell, has tried to have the revocation of his driver’s license lifted. Officials who are overseeing this hearing will review the case and have 90 days to make an official ruling. If the authorities deny Mitchell’s request, he can reattempt his petition for reinstatement in February 2014.

The circumstances surrounding the 2007 fatal car accident that led to Mitchell losing his driving privileges (and having to serve 30 months of probation for a conviction on reckless homicide charges) are undoubtedly tragic. According to the police report associated with this accident, on the Friday after Thanksgiving in 2007, Mitchell had been driving at speeds upwards of 125 miles per hour and had been talking on his cellphone when he drove his car into oncoming traffic. After crossing the median, Mitchell got into a head-on collision with the vehicle carrying 18-year-old Jessica Uhl and 13-year-old Kelli Uhl, both of who died as a result of the injuries they incurred from the accident.

While Mitchell has faced a criminal case for his negligence that led to the untimely death of two teenage sisters, he has yet to face civil action in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of the family of the deceased girls. Should the victims’ family choose to file such a case against Mitchell, they can secure compensation for their loved ones’ funeral and burial costs, as well as for their own mental anguish and terrible losses.

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