CPAP Recall Following 44 Deaths

Woman waking up with chest pain

Phillips has issued a recall for over 5 million CPAP machines due to a faulty piece of foam in the respirator. Over time, this foam can deteriorate and break down, an issue that has resulted in complaints, including respiratory problems, asthma attacks, difficulties breathing, headaches, persistent cough, and chest pain.

Faulty Philips CPAP machines have been linked to certain cancer cases and have also played a role in at least 44 deaths.

What Does CPAP Do?

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is used to treat sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder affecting an estimated 10 to 30 percent of adults in the United States. People with both obstructive and central sleep apnea stop breathing for several seconds, multiple times a night. These episodes are often accompanied by snoring, restlessness, and choking noises when breathing resumes.

Sleep apnea causes frequent headaches, excessive daytime fatigue, memory and concentration problems, mood disorders, and increased risks for metabolic syndrome, which is linked to type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. In other words: treating sleep apnea is an urgent medical need.

CPAP provides a continuous flow of oxygen during sleep. This prevents breathing cessation and helps improve sleep quality, and reduces the risks associated with untreated sleep apnea. It is the most common treatment for this common disorder.

Victims of Faulty CPAP Devices

What is the recourse when a defect in the device designed to improve your health actually makes you sick? The best way to find out is by talking to an experienced product liability attorney. This conversation can help you understand your rights and options and assist you in choosing the best path forward.

Even when a manufacturer issues a recall for a defective device, they can be held liable for any damages caused by the faulty product. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, and similar financial issues, along with compensation for personal pain and suffering. If you believe a defective CPAP machine has injured you, we encourage you to get in touch today to schedule a free case review and learn more about your rights.

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