2021 Fourth of July Travel Forecast

American Flag and Fireworks. Happy July Fourth.

Nearly 50 million people will be traveling 50+ miles from home this Fourth of July Weekend. That’s the second-highest number since AAA began collecting data on holiday travel and a clear indication that Americans are ready to get back to normal. However, this type of increase in road traffic is not normal – and it demands a more cautious and courteous approach to driving to keep yourself and others on the road as safe as possible.

Drive Like You Want Others to Drive

To help avoid causing or becoming the victim of an auto accident this weekend, be sure to take extra time to get to your destination. There will be a lot more traffic in and around the St. Louis area and you will likely see some traffic delays. Be patient. Try to remember that everyone is trying to do the same thing that you are: make the most out of this holiday weekend.

In addition to giving yourself a bit more time, be sure to stay sober. Between 2015 and 2019, 38% of the fatal traffic accidents on the Fourth of July involved drunk drivers. Keep yourself and everyone else safe by staying sober if you plan on driving or making sure to arrange for a ride home – be it public transportation, rideshare, or a friend – if you plan on drinking.

When you drive this weekend, be sure to avoid all forms of distraction. This includes cellphones, but also eating and drinking, personal grooming, adjusting the radio or onboard electronics, or turning to talk to passengers. You never can tell what the people around you are going to do. Even a moment’s inattention can prove injurious or deadly.

Lastly, be sure to drive defensively. Allow for a three-car gap between yourself and others. Follow posted speed limits and traffic signs. Use your turn signals. And keep your car maintained to help prevent unforeseen problems. Being cautious and thoughtful will help keep you, those in your vehicle, and everyone on the road a little bit safer.

If You Are Injured, We Are Here to Help

If you are injured while driving this weekend – or at any time, the attorneys at Brown & Brown are here to help. Please call us at 314-333-3333 or 618-888-8888 to schedule a free case review at our St. Louis or Illinois office today.

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