Would You Let an Insurance Company Monitor You Your Passengers as You Drive?

Well, you may not have a choice if Allstate is able to broadly use new technology for which it recently received a patent. Known as “traffic-based driving analysis,” this technology would allow the insurance provider to record various data about drivers, their actions and their driving environments.

What Could Allstate Monitor with this Technology?

Our St Louis auto accident lawyer discusses the potential impacts that newly patented technology could have on motorists & their privacy.
Our St Louis auto accident lawyer
discusses the potential impacts that
newly patented technology could
have on motorists & their privacy.

Just some of the factors that this technology could record data about include:

  • A driver’s heart rate, blood pressure, head position, eye level and seat position
  • A driver’s behavior behind the wheel – like whether a driver may be using a cellphone, eating, etc.
  • The number and type of passengers traveling in the vehicle – like whether passengers are human or animals, etc.
  • The environment within the vehicle cabin – such as whether there is alcohol present in the air within the cabin, the stereo volume, etc.

According to Allstate, the purpose of this technology is to monitor traffic conditions and driver behaviors to “better equip [motorists] to drive safe.”

Concerns about this “Spy” Technology

As invasive as this monitoring may seem, the above list may not be the extent of the data Allstate wants to collect – and its policyholders are clearly not the only ones who may be subjected to such monitoring.

In fact, because there doesn’t seem to be limits to the data this technology could collect at this point, some are concerned that the insurance provider may also:

  • Capture data like personal information, such as PIN numbers and/or information about drivers in other vehicles
  • Sell some or all of the data collected.

As Bob Hunter, insurance director for the Consumer Federation of America, has explained regarding the possible problems and concerns with this technology:

So my car spies on me and on other drivers near me?… Even if I give permission for this intrusive technology, my car spies on unsuspecting passengers and even on unsuspecting pedestrians or cars passing by?

So, as the title asks, would you let Allstate monitor you as you drive? Do you think that the invasive nature of this technology is worth the purported safety benefits? Post your opinions on our Facebook & Google+ pages.

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