Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits: FAQs (Pt. 3)

Wrapping up our blog series Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits: FAQs, below, some more common questions about these product liability cases will be answered.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits: More Answers

Q – How much are transvaginal mesh lawsuits worth?

While these FAQs about transvaginal mesh lawsuits provide some helpful info, contact us for the best representation in transvaginal mesh lawsuits.
While these FAQs about transvaginal
mesh lawsuits provide some helpful info,
contact us for the best representation in
transvaginal mesh lawsuits.

A – This question can’t be readily answered without reviewing the details of a particular case. This is because every transvaginal mesh case is different, and factors like the following will impact the value of a given case:

  • The nature and severity of the transvaginal mesh injuries sustained
  • How many revision surgeries were performed to try to treat these injuries
  • The amount of women’s medical bills related to these treatments
  • Whether mesh injury complications have resulted in any permanent damage to women.

If you are ready to get some more specific answers about the potential value of your claim, contact Brown & Brown Attorneys at Law today for honest answers about your case.

Q – How soon do transvaginal mesh lawsuits have to be filed?

A – As soon as possible. There are strict deadlines (statutes of limitations) for filing these claims, and:

  • The sooner injured women move forward with their cases, the stronger their claim may be.
  • Waiting too long can result in women losing their chances to pursue justice and compensation in civil court.

Additionally, because injured women don’t have to pay anything to get their transvaginal mesh lawsuits started, there’s no reason to put off filing these cases to initiate the process for obtaining the compensation to which they are likely entitled.

Q – Do I need a lawyer?

A – You do if you are serious about successfully resolving your transvaginal mesh case. The fact of the matter is that the manufacturers in these cases have experienced lawyers on their side, defending them and trying to get these companies off of the hook for compensating women for their serious vaginal mesh injuries.

By having experienced legal professionals on your side, you can be assured that your rights will be aggressively asserted throughout your case and that you will have the best chances of succeeding in your financial recovery.

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If you have suffered complications after using defective vaginal mesh devices, contact the St. Louis vaginal mesh injury lawyers at Brown & Brown Attorneys at Law. We have a long-standing commitment to serving our clients, and we are experienced at aggressively defending our clients’ rights in any legal setting. Our goal is to preserve and promote the rights and welfare of individuals and families who have suffered injuries and losses and/or who need help navigating through the complexities of the court system.

Our unwavering dedication to the pursuit of justice in every case we handle means that we will work relentlessly to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes to their cases.

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