Chicago Nursing Home Accused of Abuse against Resident, Facing Lawsuit

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Chicago Nursing Home Accused of Abuse against Resident, Facing Lawsuit
Chicago Nursing Home
Accused of Abuse against
Resident, Facing Lawsuit

Alden-Princeton Rehabilitation and Health Care, a monolithic building in downtown Chicago purported to be a 5-star nursing home care facility, has recently been slapped with a lawsuit, alleging that negligent care caused the death of an elderly woman who lived there.

Unnamed victim reportedly suffered from a stage IV pressure ulcer that became infected and, ultimately, progressed to fatal complications.

Little other details about this death and the allegations have been made public yet, as the case is still in the early pre-trial phases.

Bedsores: A Common Red Flag of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, aren’t uncommon at nursing homes, and they are treatable, if discovered in time.

When bedsores are allowed to progress to later stages and become seriously infected, however, the chances are that nursing home staff are not properly looking after residents (otherwise the sores would be noticed and appropriately treated to prevent life-threatening complications).

When Wrongful Deaths Occur at Nursing Homes

When nursing home residents are the victims of wrongful death at these facilities, the nursing home staff, the facility, the company that owns the facility and/or possibly others can be liable for compensating victims.

Some common examples of the forms of nursing home negligence that can lead to wrongful deaths include (and are by no means limited to):

  • Leaving residents in unsanitary conditions, which can lead to fatal infections
  • Failing to provide assistance with feeding, which could result in potentially deadly cases of malnutrition
  • Failing to properly supervise residents, which could contribute to life-threatening assaults
  • Physically abusing residents, which could result in deadly consequences when the abusive is severe and/or persistent.

Type of Damages Recoverable in Nursing Home Negligence Cases

  • Funeral and burial costs: If there are any outstanding medical bills (related to live-saving treatments administered in the final days or hours), damages may also be available for these losses.
  • Loss of Consortium: This is the loss of the love and companionship, which can be difficult to quantity.
  • Punitive Damages: Only available in some cases, these awards would be granted if the judge or jury deemed it necessary to specifically punish the professional (caregiver) and/or facility for the negligence. Punitive damages are typically reserved for the more egregious instances of abuse and/or when abusers or facilities have a history of this type of deadly negligence.

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