Top 5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

When you live in a big city you oftentimes have the advantage of seeing the trends in the news of what the biggest problems are in any given city. Well, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has taken a similar approach and did a recent study on what the top five types of injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents are.1 Our St Louis car accident lawyer will routinely litigate any one of the following types of injury claims with great success for our clients.

The Top Five Most Common Car Accident Injuries

  • Top 5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

    Top 5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

    Head and Traumatic Brain Injuries – Every year, car accidents account for one-third of brain injuries. These types of injures usually occur when the driver is impacted with an enormous blow to the head. A sufficient blow to the head can cause a concussion or even permanent brain damage. Worst of all, many times there is no cut or swelling to indicate any damage or injury. So, a lot of times the injury and severity of damage to the brain goes unnoticed because any bleeding, bruising or swelling occurs internally.

  • Neck – These types of injuries typically occur when the vehicle is jarred or impacted, and a person’s head snaps back or forwards without restraint causing injury to deep tissue and in some instances the spine. Generally, these neck injuries occur from rear-end collisions, where the head is jarred causing whip lash or neck strain. A lot of times the cause of the accident arises out of the driver being distracted and not watching where they are going. In the instances where someone’s neck is broken, their larynx is damaged, or they suffer a crushed trachea, the injury can result in a permanent disability.
  • Spine – This occurs when bone fragments, ligaments, or discs become dislodged and damage soft tissue in the spine. This can damage or destroy the nerve cells that work to send signals from the brain to other parts of the body and vice versa. Spine injuries can create loss of movement of certain parts of the body or even life-long paralysis.
  • Face – Disfigurement of the face is a high probability when a windshield breaks. It can also be damaged by hitting an airbag, dashboard, steering wheel, or any other object in the car at the time of an accident. These types of injuries can be deep cuts to mild lacerations to more serious injuries such as knocked out teeth to punctured eyes and even broken facial bones.
  • Back – These injuries are also common with rear-end auto accidents. The lower back is one of the most common areas to be injured in car accidents with drivers and passengers suffering herniated discs and fractured vertebrae that can cause server pain and possibly permanent movement disabilities.

An injury resulting from a car accident will most certainly be a factor in any court decision or settlement when it comes time to assessing the cost of damages. To find out how our legal team can assist you after suffering an injury from a car accident, contact the St Louis Car Accident Lawyer at Brown & Brown Attorneys at Law. Our personal injury lawyers are aggressive and take pride in helping our clients seek justice and the compensation they deserve.

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