Burn Awareness Week

Woman's burned arm being wrapped in hospitalBurn Awareness week takes place during the first full week of February every year. This campaign is an effort from the American Burn Association (ABA) designed to provide “…a window of opportunity for organizations to mobilize burn, fire and life safety educators to unite in sharing a common burn awareness and prevention message in our communities.”

According to the ABA, 486,000 people receive emergency treatment for burn injuries in the United States every year. Of these emergency room and urgent care visits, 40,000 require admittance to a hospital or burn injury center for comprehensive treatment.

While the survival rate of burn injury victims who are admitted to these facilities is high, 96.8%, an average of 4,500 people die from direct burn injury every year and an additional 10,000 pass from infection and other burn-related complications.

Burn Injury Complications

There are three types of burns:

  • First-degree
  • Second-degree
  • Third-degree

First-degree burns are minor and do not require medical attention. They may be somewhat uncomfortable, but they do not pose any long-term threats.

Second-degree burns impact both the outer and inner layers of the skin. They may result in serious pain, blistering, redness, and swelling. These burns can cause nerve damage, impact hair growth and sebum production, and result in scars and disfigurement.

Third-degree burns may extend all the way to bone. This type of burn injury can permanently destroy nerves, muscle, connective tissue, and even bone, resulting in permanent disfigurement and loss of ability. Third-degree burns are extremely painful, will cause irreversible damage, and come with several potentially fatal complications.

What Rights do Burn Injury Victims Have?

Victims of burn injury may be entitled to seek compensation for medical expenses, including things like rehabilitation, physical therapy, and reconstructive surgery, as well as any wages lost during recovery or as a result of new physical limitations. If your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, forced changes to lifestyle, and similar noneconomic damages. The best way to determine what your claim may be worth is through a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation with one of the burn injury lawyers at Brown & Brown.

Our burn injury lawyers bring years of experience to the table and have an unwavering commitment to each client we serve. We understand how difficult it can be to simply recover physically and emotionally from a serious injury, we are here to handle the practical aspects of your claim, protect you from unscrupulous insurance agents, and fight for the true compensation you are due. Call us today for a complimentary case review and learn how we can help you and your family get justice.

Brown & Brown maintains offices in St. Louis, MO and Illinois, IL to better serve victims of burn injury throughout the Greater St. Louis area. Call 314-333-3333 or 618-888-8888 to schedule your free case review at one of our offices – or let one of our attorneys come to you to help you understand your rights, your options, and the best path forward.

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