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Pulled Over? Speak to a Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney!Traffic law matters can sometimes be routine, but also know they can quickly add up to real money.

Why do I need to pay an attorney?

When you pay the fine listed on the ticket and mail it in to the court, you may not have to actually go to court, but you are pleading guilty (admitting that you are at fault) to the offense charged on the ticket and that offense will appear on your criminal or driving record.

Why shouldn’t I just pay the fine on the back of the ticket and mail it in to the court?

If you hire a traffic attorney to handle your case, your attorney will negotiate to have the charges changed before you admit your guilt or are found guilty by the court. In most cases, simple charges can be kept off your record and more serious charges can be reduced to less serious ones.

Won’t that save me money?

By hiring an attorney to handle your ticket, you are actually spending a little more money at first, but saving money and other difficulties in the long run. You may have to pay the attorney fee upfront and pay a fine to the court, but by keeping the charges off of your record, you are saving money in reduced insurance premiums, lower fines for future tickets, and you are reducing the chance that your drivers license will be suspended or revoked.

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