Patricia Llanos

Injury and Accident Attorneys Serving St. Louis, Nearby Missouri, and Nearby Illinois

Patricia Llanos

Law School: City University of New York School of Law, Juris Doctor, 2014

Grad: Saint Louis University School of Public Health, Master of Public Health, Community

Health: Behavioral Science and Health Education

Undergrad: University of Missouri - Kansas City, Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Licensed to Practice in the following States: Missouri

Associations: American Bar Association, Bar Association of Metropolitan Saint Louis, Hisp anic Bar Association of Saint Louis

Began working with Brown & Brown as an attorney in 2023. Prior to joining our firm, Patricia represented clients in both personal injury cases and asbestos related claims. She is passionate about working through the lega l system to bring justice to individuals suffering from injuries they sustained through no fault of their own.