Fire Loss Claims

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After a fire, the damage to a person’s home and possessions can be quite devastating. Those who have experienced a home fire will likely feel displaced, upset and extremely anxious.

While individuals with fire insurance may trust their insurance companies to come through in such stressful and difficult times, unfortunately, not all insurance companies will do so. Some may even act in bad faith in an effort to preserve their profits over the insured’s best interests.

Some specific examples of how insurance companies may act in bad faith when dealing with fire insurance claims include (but are not limited to):

  • Denying legitimate claims altogether
  • Attempting to undercut a legitimate fire insurance claim by only making partial payment on the insured individual’s true losses and expenses (Insurance companies may try to avoid paying the full cost of certain expenses by claiming that the proper paperwork wasn’t filled out, that the insured individual doesn’t have receipts for his expenses, etc.)
  • Attempting to close fire claims cases as soon as possible (usually by including language on checks like “upon acceptance of this payment, the case will be closed) in order to prevent insured individuals from discovering the true extent of his losses

In such cases, it’s crucial that insured individuals remember that:

  • They do not have to close their cases just because an insurance company is pushing them to do so
  • Their fire insurance policy is a contract.
  • They can sue their insurance company for breach of contract and insurance bad faith
  • The insurance bad faith lawyers at Brown & Brown, LLP are here to aggressively defend their rights and help them secure the maximum possible compensation they deserve

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