Winter Driving: How to Reduce Your Crash Risk

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How to Avoid a Crash: Winter Driving

If you want to reduce your risks of causing or being involved in an accident this winter, there are some very simple steps you can take – and they all start with paying attention.

Distraction is the leading cause of car accidents in the United States. Sometimes a secondary factor to things like aggression, speeding, or intoxication, distraction includes:

  • All cellphone use
  • The use of on-board infotainment systems
  • GPS and map use
  • Eating and drinking
  • All forms of personal grooming
  • Rubbernecking
  • Turning to talk to a passenger

In short, anything at all that takes your eyes and/or attention from the road is a form of distraction – and this behavior is deadly. 

The best way to reduce your crash risks this winter? Pay attention to the road, your environment, and the vehicles around you.

Leading Causes of Car Crashes

While distraction is the leading cause of car accidents, it is far from the only contributing factor. During the winter, slippery and icy conditions are common. Failure to modify driving behaviors during inclement weather can easily lead to an accident. Make sure your vehicle is winter-ready as well, complete with appropriate tires, windshield wipers, and defrosters.

When driving in wet or slippery conditions, take your time to get to your destination. Drive 10 to 15 MPH under the speed limit. Allow at least four car lengths between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Do not tailgate or drive aggressively.

Avoiding aggressive behaviors like speeding and tailgating are essential for safe winter driving. Speeding and aggressive driving are the second leading causes of car accidents in the United States.

In addition to paying attention, driving in a manner consistent with the weather, and being courteous, you can help prevent winter car accidents by remaining sober, including prescription medications that can alter driving abilities. There is no safe level of intoxication when it comes to driving.

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