Will Mobile Breathalyzers Reduce Drunk Driving Crashes?

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Would you download a breathalyzer app on your smartphone, if it was free and could help prevent you from getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI)? Chances are it ranks right up there on your “To Do List” about as high as wanting to hear fingernails on a chalkboard, getting a tooth pulled, or volunteering for doggy poop scoop duty, but what if we told you there was a hidden benefit worth nearly $10,000 that you win for free just by using one of these new-fangled smartphone apps.

Well, here’s the truth – if you use a reliable breathalyzer application after you’ve been drinking, and you avoid driving until you blow “clean,” you really are saving yourself $10,000, because that’s what the average price a DUI will end up costing you these days.

New Study Shows Smartphone Breathalyzer Can Lower Risk of a DUI

Will Mobile Breathalyzers Reduce Drunk Driving Crashes?

Will Mobile Breathalyzers Reduce Drunk Driving Crashes?

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) recently undertook one such study to see if smartphone breathalyzers given to a random sampling of people to use would make an impact. Here are more of the conditions of the study and the results:

  • CDOT randomly selected 225 people in and around Denver to participate in the mobile smartphone breathalyzer study.
  • Participants were required to take three surveys concerning their drinking habits.
  • During the study, one participant stated: “I have noticed that I am over the legal limit much more than I thought. Even the next day after drinking, I like to test it and have found my BAC to be over .04. Scary! The program has been very eye-opening.”
  • At the end of the study, approximately 84 percent of the partakers agreed that downloading and using the breathalyzer app lowered their risk of getting a DUI.
  • CDOT officials confirmed that the study helped participants realize how easy it is to breach the DUI limits established in their state after only one or two alcoholic beverages.

What If I Get Arrested for a DUI? What Should I Do First?

You’ve probably just gotten home from a detox facility, or your county jail from having spent the night in the most unpleasant place you’ve ever been to. Your mind is probably reeling on what steps you should take next. Well, here’s a list of suggestions our St Louis DUI Lawyer has for anyone who may need some immediate answers following a DUI:

  1. Write down as many details you can recall about your incident. Where were you drinking? How much did you drink? How long had it been since you ate? How long had it been from the time of your arrest to the last drink you took? What was the officer’s behavior? What was your behavior? Were you read your Miranda rights?
  2. Chances are you can handle the first arraignment by yourself. At this hearing, you will just be advised with what you are being charged with.
  3. Next, contact a St Louis DUI Lawyer.

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