Time to Focus: 4 Distracted Driving Myths Debunked

Distracted drivers are involved in nearly 1 in every 4 traffic accidents that occur in the U.S. annually. While this clearly indicates that distracted driving is a prominent problem on American roads, it also reveals how many people may be unaware of the following facts about distracted driving – and of just how risky it is and why it is so dangerous.

Stop Believing These Fictions about Distracted Driving

Get the facts about distracted driving to find out just how dangerous this practice is a St Louis car accident lawyer explains.
Get the facts about distracted driving to find
out just how dangerous this practice is a
St Louis car accident lawyer explains.

  1. Doing just one other thing while driving is not a big deal – This is a troubling myth about distracted driving because doing even just one other thing when driving means that a driver’s attention is split and (s)he could miss some important cues in his driving environment. In fact, trying to multitask when driving can cause drivers to experience inattention blindness, meaning that they do not end up seeing things like changing signals, traffic signs, etc. even though they may actually be looking at the roads.

    Takeaway: Trying to multitask when driving is dangerous and often causes drivers to miss seeing things in their surroundings/driving environment.

  2. Distracted driving isn’t as risky as drunk driving – Actually, studies have shown that distracted driving can be just as risky as drunk driving – if not far more dangerous. This is because distracted and drunk drivers both experience impairments to their perception and reaction times, substantially increasing the risk of a collision.Takeaway: Drivers should start regarding distracted driving as harmful as drunk driving.
  3. Talking on a cellphone is no more dangerous than talking to someone else in the car – This is flat-out not true. Although it may seem like talking to someone on the phone or in the car is the same, the fact is that, when the other person in the conversation is in the vehicle with a driver, that person can stop talking or alter his speech patterns when the driving conditions become more complicated. Another vehicle occupant can also help drivers monitor the road, pointing out things that drivers may have missed seeing. Takeaway: Hands-free devices are no safer than cellphones. Putting phone conversations off until the task of driving is done is the safest option.
  4. Distracted driving is only a problem for other drivers, not me – Unfortunately, this is a prominent misconception among drivers who tend to agree that distracted driving is a problem for other motorists but not for them. Takeaway: To do your part to promote roadway safety and minimize the possibility of traffic accidents, commit to avoiding distractions when driving.

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