Proud to Serve: Sergeant Scott Roach

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Proud to Serve, a segment on Fox 2 News in St. Louis, highlights local heroes who have made a national impact. With strong ties to our community, Brown & Brown is proud to support this recognition of men and women who have made a difference locally and beyond.

Every month, Brown & Brown provides a check to be awarded to the recipient of Proud to Serve. This month’s recipient, Sargent Scott Roach, has been Traffic Safety Sgt. for the St. Louis County Police Department for the past five years and is the originator of Saturation Saturday, a coordinated effort across St. Louis region police departments to focus on DWI enforcement on the same night, once a month.

Starting locally, growing regionally, and now expanding nationally, the growth of Saturation Saturday has been spearheaded by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. While still actively involved in Saturation Saturday, it is only one part of Sargent Roach’s effort to eliminate the threat of drunk driving entirely.

Learn more about this local hero on the short clip below.

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