OSHA Issues 11 Safety Violations to Ill. Auto Parts Manufacturer

An experienced St Louis workers compensation lawyer takes a look at OSHA’s recent action against an Illinois auto parts maker. Contact us if you’ve been hurt on the job.
An experienced St Louis workers compensation
lawyer takes a look at OSHA’s recent action
against an Illinois auto parts maker.
Contact us if you’ve been hurt on
the job.

An Illinois auto parts maker is facing up to $89,000 in penalties after officials at the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) issued the company 11 safety violations earlier this month.

According to the announcement regarding this action, OSHA initiated an investigation of FIC America Corp. in January after a 58-year-old worker lost his fingertip while servicing a machine.

The findings of this OSHA investigation ultimately revealed that the company had violated multiple safety regulations, leading investigators to issue FIC:

  • 1 repeated safety violation
  • 9 serious safety violations
  • 1 “other-than-serious” safety violation.

A Closer Look at the Violations

The specific violations reportedly committed by FIC, according to OSHA, included:

  • Failing to provide machine guards
  • Failing to institute safety procedures for machine use/maintenance – For instance, OSHA pointed out that no locking devices were being used to prevent machines from unintentionally operating while they were being serviced and maintained.
  • Failing to provide safety training to machinists and machine maintenance workers
  • Failing to provide protective gear, such as face protections and gloves.

Commenting on these violations, Jake Scott, OSHA Area Director for the North Aurora Office, explained:

Workers are at risk for debilitating injuries when machine safeguards are ignored…Machine hazards are among the most frequently cited by OSHA. Manufacturer-installed guards and industry-standard locking devices protect workers from the dangers of operating machinery. Yet, each year thousands of workers are injured because employers ignore machine hazards and do not train workers on safety procedures.

The Next Steps…

At this point, FIC reportedly has until July 30th to take action. The possible actions the company can take include:

  • Getting in compliance, which would mean paying the fines and following OSHA’s orders to rectify the issues that resulted in the violations
  • Requesting an informal meeting with Jake Scott to discuss the next steps
  • Contesting the findings of OSHA’s investigation.

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