How Can I Prove I Was Injured by a Drowsy Driver?

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view reflection sleepy tired, exhausted young woman drivingNovember is Drowsy Driving Awareness Month. This is an excellent opportunity to think about your driving habits and how the quality and duration of your sleep directly impact your mental processing, reaction time, and impulse control. 

Studies have found that, after just 18 hours without sleep, drivers become equally impaired to those with a BAC of .08. And 18 hours without sleep is not uncommon.

But what happens when a drowsy driver causes an accident? Is it even possible to establish that sleep deprivation played a role?

Investigating an Accident

Multiple factors can contribute to a car accident. Unfortunately, not all of them will be obvious. Some, like drowsiness, may even be overlooked.

The attorneys at Brown & Brown know this. That's why we take time to thoroughly investigate motor vehicle accidents, combing over police and medical reports, conducting exhaustive interviews, and working, when needed, with experts in various fields to identify all of the accident's causes.

Seeking compensation is dependent on establishing liability. We are here to do just that – to hold negligent drivers accountable for all the damages they cause.

What if I Was Also Drowsy?

In Missouri, you can seek compensation for your damages even if you played a role in an accident. Again, multiple factors can contribute to an accident. Without a thorough investigation, it is impossible to determine where the bulk of responsibility lies. However, when your actions play a role in an accident, any damages you are awarded will be reduced by whatever percentage of fault is placed on you.

The best way to avoid causing an accident while sleep deprived is to get enough sleep. However, the amount of sleep each person needs depends on factors unique to their anatomy. You're too sleepy to drive if you are yawning, having difficulty remembering the last few miles, or finding it challenging to keep your eyes open. Take this into account and adjust as needed – just like you would if intoxicated – to help avoid liability in an accident.

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