DUI Defense: Facts about Field Sobriety Testing (Part 2)

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Drivers should know that evaluating field sobriety testing can be subjective and that a DUI defense lawyer can make all of the difference in the outcome of their case.
Drivers should know that evaluating field
sobriety testing can be subjective and that a
DUI defense lawyer can make all of the
difference in the outcome of their case.

Picking up from DUI Defense: Facts about Field Sobriety Testing (Part 1)¸ the following presents a few more important facts that all drivers should know when it comes to DUI traffic stops and field sobriety testing.

  • Fact 3: Judging whether you “pass” field sobriety tests is highly subjective – Although it may seem like there are cut-and-dry rules about what constitutes passing or failing field sobriety testing, these evaluations are often far more subjective than you may think. In fact, when it comes to judging a pass or fail for field sobriety test, drivers should know that what they do wrong during these tests counts against them while what they do correctly does not necessarily work in their favor; in other words, while points are generally deducted for errors, points are not added back for properly completing elements of field sobriety tests.In effect, this creates a testing situation that is inherently biased against drivers; consequently, drivers should exercise their rights to refuse this testing if they think that they may fail (as failures of field sobriety tests can be used as evidence against drivers in court).
  • Fact 4: An experienced DUI defense lawyer may be able to get this “evidence” thrown out of court – DUI defense attorneys who are experienced with these types of cases know what to look for in order to try to get the results of field sobriety tests thrown out of court, and they will work diligently to assert the accused individual’s rights and help him or her obtain the best possible outcome to these cases. Because DUI convictions can result in some serious and lasting penalties for drivers, having an experienced attorney defending them in court will be crucial to helping them clear up their DUI case as beneficially as possible.

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