An Overview of Crash Avoidance Systems (Part 2)

Backover prevention systems and blind spot detection systems are two of the most common types of crash avoidance systems currently installed in modern vehicles.
Backover prevention systems and blind spot
detection systems are two of the most
common types of crash avoidance systems
currently installed in modern vehicles.

Continuing from An Overview of Crash Avoidance Systems (Part 1), the following presents some additional information regarding some of the most common types of crash avoidance technologies that are currently being installed in vehicles. While Part 1 of this blog focused on discussing front crash prevention systems, here in Part 2, we will take a closer look at the following:

  • Backover prevention systems – These systems are focused on helping drivers maneuver their vehicle in reverse and, in some cases, parallel park their vehicles. Generally, backover prevention systems use tiny cameras and sensors to detect vehicles (or other objects) that may be behind a motorist’s car. While some of these systems may sound an alarm if another vehicle is detected behind a car when a driver is trying to reverse, some will automatically apply the car’s brakes to prevent it from being able to back into the other vehicle.Additionally, some of these crash avoidance technologies are designed to help drivers automatically parallel park their vehicles.
  • Blind spot detection systems – With these crash avoidance systems, small sensors are used to detect other vehicles that may be in a motorist’s blind spots when drivers attempt to change lanes. While these systems can be configured to alert drivers of vehicles in their blind spots with an audible alarm or a visual cue on their side or rearview mirrors, they may also be designed to activate the vehicle’s brakes or make slight steering adjustments to prevent the lane change (or turn) if an object or vehicle is detected in the blind spots.
  • Lane departure warning/prevention systems – These systems generally involve the use of small cameras to determine when a vehicle may be straying from its lane of travel. While the warning signals these systems sound when they detect that a vehicle is departing from its lane may include an audible alarm or the vibration of the steering wheel or driver’s seat, in some cases, these systems may actually go so far as to try to redirect the vehicle back into its original lane of traffic by making minor steering adjustments for the driver.

Additional crash avoidance technologies include curve speed warning systems, systems aimed at detecting driver fatigue and electronic stability control systems.

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