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When a work-related car accident occurs, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will typically kick in – regardless of whether or not you were at fault for causing the accident. Despite this coverage, however, workers’ compensation insurance will likely not cover all of the costs and losses you may incur, as this insurance will generally only cover medical expenses (and not lost wages, property damage or other losses). In fact, in some cases, insurance companies may undercut or flat out deny legitimate work-related car accident claims due to missed deadlines for paperwork, incorrectly filled out paperwork or other administrative errors an injured party may accidentally made.

In such cases, it’s important that those who have been injured in a work-related car accident remember that:

  • A skilled attorney can help defend their rights with insurance companies.
  • Injured parties may be eligible for additional compensation by pursing a car accident lawsuit against the individual or other entity whose negligence caused (or worsened) the accident.

Workers' Comp and Work-Related Car Accidents Infographic

When Negligence Causes a Work-Related Car Accident

Some specific examples of the types of negligence that can result in work-related car accidents and that, as a result, can be grounds for filing a lawsuit against the negligent party include (but are not limited to):

  • Another driver failing to obey traffic laws by, for example, driving while intoxicated, speeding or failing to yield right-of-way.
  • Another driver falling asleep while driving and/or failing to pay attention to the road (i.e. driver fatigue and driver distraction, respectively).
  • A vehicle equipment manufacturer installing faulty or defective parts in a vehicle, causing it to get into an accident.
  • A city or any party that fails to maintain roadways in order to ensure that they are safe to driver on.

Individuals who are most susceptible to being involved in work-related car accidents caused by such negligence include:

  • Food delivery drivers
  • Taxi and livery drivers
  • Bus drivers
  • Mail carrier drivers
  • Commercial truck drivers

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